4SC granted US patent for drug candidate SC12267

Planegg-Martinsried, Germany, 06 February 2007 -
Martinsried-based drug discovery and development company 4SC AG (Frankfurt,
Prime Standard: VSC) announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office
(ASPTO) has granted the patent with the US patent number 7,176,241 for its drug
candidate SC12267. This patent protects the DHODH inhibitor that is used by 4SC
to treat rheumatoid arthritis and is currently undergoing testing in clinical
phase IIa. In addition, the patent also covers further back-up substances
related to SC12267, medical formulations and the treatment of patients with
SC12267. The patent will apply until 2020.

The patent is part of a
portfolio of patents taken out by 4SC AG for SC12267 and a group of chemically
related DHODH inhibitors. Here, a first US patent was already granted back in
July 2006. Corresponding patent applications for the substances are pending in
Europe, China, India and other countries.

'The patent expands our
portfolio of patents by a central element thereby creating the ideal conditions
for a potential licensing partnership within the scope of this project,'
explains Ulrich Dauer, CEO of 4SC AG. 'Furthermore, the granting of the patent
is the result of our consistent development of a solid patent basis for all of
our projects.'

Protecting its own inventions by patent is of central
importance to 4SC AG and reflects the company's innovative capacity. 4SC AG's
research activities centre on the research and development of new chemical
substances with superior pharmacological properties. To safeguard these values,
4SC AG is pursuing a clear patent strategy: Based on basic patents that protect
the substance class as such, patent applications are then submitted for
chemical substances, their use, indications, the application as a drug, and
types of application as well as potential combinations. The goal is to acquire
the maximum level of protection for the longest possible period of time. In
doing so, 4SC AG is aiming to secure patent protection in all globally relevant
markets, depending on the respective commercialisation strategy.  Each year 4SC
AG's fields of research yield around 20 new inventions for which patents are
taken out, and this number is increasing each year.

 4SC AG (ISIN DE0005753818) has been listed in the Prime Standard of
Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 15 December 2005. Founded in 1997 and now with a
staff of 59, the company develops novel drug candidates for inflammatory
diseases and cancer using a cheminformatics based technology platform.
Traditional high throughput screening of therapeutic agents has been
transferred from the lab to the computer. Thus, the company offers substantial
cost and time advantages as well as increased success rates in drug
development. 4SC AG uses its patented technology platform to create a
sustainable product pipeline for active agents that are developed in early
clinical phases ('proof of concept') and subsequently result in upfront and
milestone payments as well as participation in sales generated by out-licensed
products to the pharmaceutical industry. There are currently five projects in
the pipeline. The first project on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is
currently undergoing clinical phase IIa. Three other product candidates are in
pre-clinical development and another project is in the research stage.
Furthermore, the company has its technology platform in co-operation projects
with biotech and pharma companies and is already generating initial

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