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Sunrise UPC is the 5G Speed Champion

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06.09.2021 / 11:46

  • Sunrise UPC clearly outperforms the competition and offers the fastest 5G network in Switzerland, according to OpenSignal's "5G Experience Report".
  • Sunrise UPC also takes the winner's award* in the highly competitive categories "5G Video Experience", "5G Games Experience" and "5G Voice App Experience".
  • The OpenSignal "5G Experience Report" analyses the effective 5G network experience of customers. Previously, the renowned connect mobile network test already confirmed that Sunrise UPC has the fastest and most reliable 5G network, as did also the RootMetrics(R) analysis by IHS Markit.

"Our unique infrastructure offers fiber-like internet speeds to over 90% of Swiss households - whether with fiber optics, the cable network, partner networks or 5G. The Sunrise UPC 5G network is especially instrumental in bringing the fastest Internet to areas with a lack of powerful fixed network lines. And our customers don't have to skip out on 5G abroad either. We are also a leader in 5G roaming," says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.

The OpenSignal 5G Experience Report names the Sunrise UPC 5G network as overall winner in 5 out of 7 categories*. It shows that the Sunrise UPC 5G strategy, with the early launch as Switzerland's first 5G operator in spring 2019, is continuing to pay off for customers. Sunrise UPC customers have the fastest speed on 5G of anyone in Switzerland. Almost 200 Mbit/s on average (!) are available per customer. The competition ranks well behind Sunrise UPC, lagging behind by around 20% and more. The value achieved by Sunrise UPC is about twice as fast as what the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has envisaged as the target for the 5G standard (ITU IIMT 2020) for broadly covered areas (100 Mbit/s). The values achieved by the Sunrise UPC 5G network therefore rank among the best in the world.

Best 5G also for business applications
Video streaming and multi-player online gaming in real time are among the most data-intensive and therefore most demanding applications for a 5G mobile network. Not only super-fast connections, but also sufficient capacity for many simultaneous connections and ultrashort response times (latency) are crucial. The Sunrise UPC 5G network delivers both, securing the winner's spot* in the OpenSignal report, which makes it likewise the obvious choice for mission-critical real-time applications in business as well as for Work Smart solutions.

Consistently the fastest and most reliable 5G network
The results of the OpenSignal 5G Experience Report do not come as a surprise. The Sunrise UPC 5G network has already received awards in the past for the fastest connections with the best connectivity (RootMetrics(R) analysis by IHS Markit) and as the fastest and most reliable 5G network in Switzerland (connect mobile network test 01/2021).

Basic 5G and Highspeed 5G
Sunrise UPC currently covers over 95% of the population with Basic 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s) and over 890 cities/towns with Highspeed 5G (up to 2 Gbit/s, in each case covering at least 80% of the local population). 5G can be used with all Sunrise We Mobile and Sunrise We Connect subscriptions at no extra charge/without any add-on. For prepaid customers, 5G is available with Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited 7 days and Sunrise Prepaid Take away.

Leading 5G roaming in 24 countries
Those who have already experienced the performance of 5G will not want to miss the fiber-optic-like internet speeds when traveling either. Sunrise UPC is therefore also pushing 5G roaming services. With 5G roaming in over 24 countries, Sunrise UPC is one of the top providers. Hardly any other provider can currently top the number of 5G roaming partners abroad.

*3 networks tested, 2 winners for 5G Video Experience,
5G Games Experience, 5G Voice App Experience

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