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Simple introduction to the Internet of Things with Sunrise Business

Sunrise UPC GmbH / Key word(s): Market launch
Simple introduction to the Internet of Things with Sunrise Business
30.06.2022 / 08:58

  • With its IoT Starter Services, Sunrise Business now offers predefined service packages for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • A total of five different service packages allow full mobile connectivity and easy data management at a professional level via 3G, 4G, 5G, CAT-M and NB-IoT.
  • Use IoT easily: Ordering and configuration take place via the Webshop and provide direct access to the Sunrise Business Connectivity Management Platform (CMP).
  • Standard features on offer can be expanded and more services and additional SIM cards ordered online at any time.
  • The best value for money with an IoT Starter Service is provided for just CHF 1.50/month and a one-time installation fee of CHF 205.– with a contract period of at least 12 months.

«The rapid pace of technical development in recent years means that IoT applications are now also becoming increasingly important for SMEs and IT developers. The option of being able to implement IoT projects quickly creates an enormous competitive edge. Sunrise Business reflects this trend with its new IoT Starter Services because we provide our customers with fully configured, flexible offers at an attractive, clearly calculated price. Our stated goal is to promote the use of IoT solutions in society, in line with the motto DREAM BIG. DO BIG.» explains Robert Redeleanu, Chief Business Officer at Sunrise.  

Five IoT Starter Service offers for different applications

The Sunrise Business offer comprises a total of five IoT Starter Services for mobile connectivity and easy data management with as many fully standardized IoT data packages as you wish via 3G, 4G, 5G, CAT-M and NB-IoT for the most common IoT applications. This includes at least 50 SIM cards that customers can activate themselves online via the Sunrise Business Connectivity Management Platform.

Starter Service



Typical application examples


Data volume 2 MB
Additional MB: CHF 0.10

CHF 1.50/month
CHF 205.– one-time installation fee

For sporadic data measurements such as temperature, air quality, smart metering, alarming, etc.


Data volume 10 MB
Additional MB: CHF 0.10

CHF 2.–/month
CHF 205.– one-time installation fee

For regular fill level measurements, GPS tracking or payment terminals.


Data volume 100 MB
Additional MB: CHF 0.10

CHF 3.–/month
CHF 205.– one-time installation fee

For GPS tracking with fleet management or logistics applications.


Data volume 1 GB
Additional MB: CHF 0.10

CHF 6.–/month
CHF 205.– one-time installation fee

For M2M routers for continuous remote maintenance of production facilities.


Data volume 5 GB
Additional MB: CHF 0.10

CHF 9.–/month
CHF 205.– one-time installation fee

For digital signatures and for transmitting videos and images to digital advertising boards.

*) Minimum contract duration for all Starter Service offers: 12 months.


All offers can be ordered quickly and easily via the Sunrise Business Online Shop. They will be available within a few working days and stand out thanks to the following benefits:

  • Full cost control: Predefined service packages for the most common IoT applications. Customers pay just one fixed monthly price with a duration of at least 12 months. Bills are produced automatically and can be viewed via a clear management dashboard at any time.
  • Easy management: Full access to the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) of Sunrise Business and always on the best available network. The CMP ensures that the services used can be managed easily.
  • Versatile application and scalable: The available IoT Starter Services are suitable for developers of simple IoT applications as well as for IoT professionals who appreciate the extensive possibilities that the Internet of Things offers. There are no restrictions on industry or company size.
  • Expandable at any time: Additional packages can be added to the Sunrise Business IoT Starter Services online at any time. Data volumes can also be switched between individual profiles, or further SIM cards can be added and managed, completely automatically via the Connectivity Management Platform.

More information about the IoT Starter Services

Press Release (pdf)


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