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ryd and Sunrise connect cars

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28.10.2021 / 11:15

  • The startup ryd will now be connecting cars with Sunrise SIM cards. Vehicle location, driving stats and much more will be available at the touch of a button.
  • ryd is the biggest, multi-brand connected car platform in Europe, connecting cars with drivers, insurers, garages and other partners. ryd also enables digital payment at gas stations. With ryd, fuel payments can be made by smartphone or the car's onboard computer. 
  • Sunrise UPC offers the best network for IoT projects, also at an international level, thanks to strong partners like Vodafone. Business IoT connect offers a convenient, simple and clear IoT connectivity platform to activate and monitor IoT SIM cards.

«With our outstanding network, we provide our customers with the ideal conditions for their IoT projects. Our Sunrise SIM cards provide connectivity for the innovative ryd box and turn conventional cars into smart cars», enthuses Robert Wigger, Chief Business Officer of Sunrise UPC.

ryd is a 360-degree solution all around cars. With the help of the ryd box, which is plugged into the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) interface, as well as a Sunrise SIM card and the ryd app, drivers have lots of practical tools at their disposal, such as securing their vehicle against theft, keeping a digital journey log, checking the car battery and much more. With ryd pay, drivers can pay directly at the fuel pump or from inside their car, avoiding the need to queue in the gas station shop. Quick, convenient and secure thanks to security and encryption mechanisms used by banks.

«ryd allows customers to turn their car into a smart car thanks to state-of-the-art technology, innovative features and an informative app. The collaboration with Sunrise UPC allows for cars (petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2004) to be connected quickly and simply with the help of the ryd box, which now contains a Sunrise SIM card and is plugged into the vehicle's OBD2 port - irrespective of make or model», explains Andreas Schumacher, CEO of ryd suisse.


Features offered by ryd in Switzerland

The following innovative features turn conventional cars into smart cars, offering a carefree and safe journey:

  • Tracking and safety: Thanks to the Park & Find function, the car's location can always be traced and GPS tracking with an anti-theft alarm ensures safety at all times
  • Maintenance and technology: Automatic car battery check, notification if at critical level, kilometer and fuel level indicator, overview of fuel consumption
  • Real-time interaction: Retrieve vehicle and driving stats
  • Organization and cost control: Find nearby gas stations and get directions, use digital journey log and manage costs
  • Reward system: «ryd points» for anticipatory and safe driving. With the "ryd points" there are rebates/discounts with partners from different sectors (e.g. Dein Deal or Qualitpet).
  • Modular telematics offer for fleets: Live location, cost management, driving behavior, crash detection

The offer is now available at as a basic version for German-speaking Switzerland - further rollouts are already being planned.


Business IoT connect

The multi-award-winning Sunrise mobile network offers a wide range of connection technologies - from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G up to NarrowBand IoT and Cat-M1 - to always ensure the best network for IoT projects. This applies internationally as well, thanks to strong partners such as Vodafone. The Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) Business IoT connect allows IoT customers to autonomously activate and manage SIM cards at the click of a mouse (from 50 up to 100,000 of connections possible). The existing applications can be integrated through an API (Application Programming Interface). The IoT connect platform is redundantly hosted in Swiss data centers to ensure maximum security and availability. Business IoT connect is a managed service with a 24/7 helpdesk and network monitoring.


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ryd suisse

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ryd suisse

ryd was developed by ThinxNet GmbH, a fast-growing IoT/fintech startup from Munich. Founded in 2014, ThinxNet is taking the digital future on the road. ryd is a connected car platform centered around ryd pay and the ryd box. ryd pay is the biggest, multi-brand solution for mobile payments at fuel pumps. The ryd box, an OBD2 plug, transforms conventional cars into smart cars. ryd makes driving better and more comfortable. ryd is already being used in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Portugal and Spain and is continuously being rolled out in other European countries.


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