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Comparison tests show: Sunrise UPC has the fastest network

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30.11.2021 / 07:01

Press Release

Opfikon, November 30, 2021

  • The Sunrise UPC network boasts the fastest Internet.
  • PC Magazin, Opensignal, Rootmetrics, connect: These leading comparison tests have awarded honors to the performance of the Sunrise UPC network, both the fiber optic and cable network as well as the 5G mobile network, which in combination is the largest and fastest in Switzerland.
  • With its powerful infrastructure (hybrid fiber network), Sunrise UPC is the only provider offering gigaspeeds to over 90% of households throughout Switzerland. 
  • The Sunrise UPC 5G network, which in combination is the largest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland (connect Issue 1/2022), has earned more awards than any other 5G network in Europe (Opensignal).

«This merger gives our customers access to a unique infrastructure. We reach over 90% of Swiss households with our high-performance hybrid fiber network. We deliver gigaspeeds over the fiber optic, cable and 5G network. The leading benchmarks from PC Magazin, Rootmetrics, Opensignal and connect clearly show: We offer the fastest and most reliable connections in Switzerland and also rank as one of the top providers internationally», says a delighted André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC.


connect: The network is in combination the largest and fastest 5G network in Switzerland

The Sunrise UPC mobile network was once again rated as «OUTSTANDING» in this year's connect mobile network test (issue 1/2022). The Sunrise UPC network is the only mobile network in Switzerland that has been awarded this highest rating six times in a row. Sunrise UPC has the fastest and largest 5G network in Switzerland, as the connect measurements showed: «When taking both the 5G coverage area and 5G data rates into account, Sunrise comes out on top.»


Opensignal: Fastest 5G speeds (average) and highest 5G availability

Opensignal, which periodically examines the actual experience customers have with mobile networks in its reports and analyses, reaches the following conclusion in its «Switzerland 5G Experience Report November 2021»: Sunrise UPC offers the fastest average 5G speeds and the best 5G availability in Switzerland. No other provider offers more or faster 5G connections (on average) and only the Sunrise UPC 5G network was declared the winner in all seven Opensignal 5G categories. It is also the best 5G network in Switzerland for mobile gaming and video applications.

As well as analyzing the 5G experience of customers in each country, Opensignal also provides a worldwide summary in the «5G Global Mobile Experience Awards 2021». The results show that the Sunrise UPC 5G network is also setting standards across Europe: The Sunrise UPC 5G network won the highest number of awards of all 5G networks in Europe (eight out of nine), which makes it one of the  leading 5G networks in the world as well. It comes as no surprise that the RootMetrics(R) analysis by IHS Markit also revealed that the Sunrise UPC 5G network delivers unmatched reliability.


PC Magazin/PCgo: The fastest and best Internet in Switzerland

The latest Broadband Benchmark 2021 by PC Magazin and PCgo set out to find the best overall user experience for Internet users in Switzerland. Conclusion: With its fiber optic and cable network, Sunrise UPC offers the fastest and best Internet in Switzerland. PC Magazin sums it up in the report: «This corporate merger has created a strong carrier, and it's raising high expectations due to its combination of the UPC broadband cable infrastructure and Sunrise fiber optics network. Sunrise UPC started as the favorite and succeeded in meeting these high expectations as the overall winner in Switzerland in our landline network comparison.»

Sunrise UPC doesn't just stand out with the performance of its Internet access, but also with the devices used by customers, usually Wi-Fi routers with an integrated modem. These devices (most of them provided by Sagemcom and Compal Broadband Networks) are key for the customer's Internet experience at home or at the office. Here too, Sunrise UPC far outpaces the competition. All details can be found in PC Magazin.


5G expansion: Maintaining the top position, clearing obstacles

Sunrise UPC already provides over 1,000 cities/towns with high-speed 5G (up to 2 Gbit/s) and over 96% of the population with basic 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s). The latest coverage map with location and address information is available on the Sunrise web page.

Thanks to the Sunrise UPC 5G network, Switzerland is one of the world's leading countries in 5G. A rapid and nationwide 5G rollout is essential, particularly to alleviate increasing bottlenecks in the 4G network. Sunrise UPC is doing everything it can to keep Switzerland in the top position and to make sure that customers can keep benefiting from the best mobile Internet connections. Unfortunately, the expansion of the mobile network is repeatedly blocked by a small but vocal minority. This despite the fact that there are no reasons to block proven practices and the technically appropriate assessments (correction factors) of adaptive antennas. If cantons and municipalities continue to block this expansion, customers will eventually face restrictions when it comes to using mobile Internet.


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