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  • ISIN: US80585Y3080
  • Land: Russland

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EQS-Reg 16.07.21 10:41 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sberbank closes deal to sell Eurocement Group
EQS-Reg 07.07.21 09:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber earned RUB594.8 bn (X1.8) for 6M 2021 (RAS)
EQS-Reg 24.06.21 10:03 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: PDMR Shareholding
EQS-Reg 23.06.21 14:02 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: PDMR Shareholding
EQS-Reg 23.06.21 13:59 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: PDMR Shareholding
EQS-Reg 07.06.21 09:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber earned RUB488 bn for 5M 2021 (RAS)
EQS-Reg 01.06.21 17:45 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: NPF of Sberbank reaches agreement to buy NSPF Renais[...]
EQS-Reg 20.05.21 15:58 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: PDMR Shareholding
EQS-Reg 18.05.21 17:54 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber, VEB.RF, and RDIF to become Prosveshcheniye sha[...]
EQS-Reg 11.05.21 09:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber earned RUB386.1 bn for 4M 2021 (RAS)
EQS-Reg 29.04.21 09:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sberbank reports 1Q 2021 Net Profit of RUB304.5 bn u[...]
EQS-Reg 07.04.21 09:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sber earned RUB282.5 bn for 1Q 2021 (RAS)
EQS-Reg 06.04.21 10:52 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
STATEMENT of the Material Fact 'On obtaining by the issuer of [...]
EQS-Reg 29.03.21 18:16 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sberbank: Director/PDMR Shareholding
EQS-Reg 24.03.21 07:41 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sber publishes 2020 Annual Report including ESG reporting
EQS-Reg 19.03.21 12:41 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank holds Supervisory Board meeting
EQS-Reg 19.03.21 08:24 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Оn Holding a Meeting of the Supervisory Board of the[...]
EQS-Reg 05.03.21 08:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber earned RUB179.2 bn for 2M 2021 (RAS)
EQS-Reg 04.03.21 08:00 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber reports FY2020 Net Profit of RUB760.3 bn under [...]
EQS-Reg 05.02.21 08:08 EQS-Reg: Sberbank
Sberbank: Sber earned RUB86.7 bn for 1M 2021 (RAS)

GBC im Fokus

IGEA Pharma N.V. Realignment to CBD extraction

The goal is to become the quality and cost leader in the field of CBD in Europe. To this end, a GMP pharma compliant plant is being built in Switzerland. The supercritical CO2 extraction process is to be used to achieve the highest standard of quality. The CBD market is growing strongly and with the focus on quality leadership and pure extraction, IGEA Pharma's new business model should be able to occupy an attractive niche market. With the proprietary supercritical CO2-extraction technology, other markets such as vanilla, rose or rosemary can be developed in the medium term. Based on our DCF model, we have determined a fair value of € 1.05 (CHF 1.13) per share and assign a BUY rating.

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Original-Research: 3U HOLDING AG (von GSC Research GmbH): Halten

26. November 2021