Ringmetall SE

  • WKN: A3E5E5
  • ISIN: DE000A3E5E55
  • Land: Deutschland

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05.05.17 Veröffentlichung Quartalsmitteilung (Stichtag Q1)
30.09.16 Veröffentlichung Halbjahresabschluss
30.08.16 Hauptversammlung

GBC im Fokus

IGEA Pharma N.V. Realignment to CBD extraction

The goal is to become the quality and cost leader in the field of CBD in Europe. To this end, a GMP pharma compliant plant is being built in Switzerland. The supercritical CO2 extraction process is to be used to achieve the highest standard of quality. The CBD market is growing strongly and with the focus on quality leadership and pure extraction, IGEA Pharma's new business model should be able to occupy an attractive niche market. With the proprietary supercritical CO2-extraction technology, other markets such as vanilla, rose or rosemary can be developed in the medium term. Based on our DCF model, we have determined a fair value of € 1.05 (CHF 1.13) per share and assign a BUY rating.

Aktuelle Research-Studie

International School Augsburg -ISA- gemeinnützige AG

Original-Research: International School Augsburg -ISA- gemeinnützige AG (von GBC AG): GBC Vorstandsinterview

29. November 2021