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Extraordinary General Meeting of Zur Rose Group AG: Shareholders approve creation of authorised capital and revision to Articles of Association for initial public offering (IPO)

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19.06.2017 / 19:08

Media release

Extraordinary General Meeting of Zur Rose Group AG:

Shareholders approve creation of authorised capital and revision to Articles of Association for initial public offering (IPO)

At today's Extraordinary General Meeting, the shareholders of Zur Rose Group AG approved all proposals from the Board of Directors by a large majority. A total of 2,436,167 voting shares, equal to 51.1 per cent of the share capital, were represented. The General Meeting approved the formal amendments to the Articles of Association necessary for a stock exchange listing: the creation of authorised share capital with a nominal value of CHF 12,474,159.25, corresponding to 5 per cent of the existing share capital (2,169,419 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 5.75 each), as well as the complete revision of the Articles of Association required for an IPO. The revised Articles of Association will become effective only upon completion of the capital increase as part of an IPO of Zur Rose Group AG. The IPO would take place on SIX Swiss Exchange. Among other things, Zur Rose Group would use the funds raised in the capital increase to better exploit the growth opportunities in the market to further expand its strong position in the European pharmaceutical e-commerce sector.


Lisa Lüthi, Head of Corporate Communications
Email: lisa.luethi@zurrose.com, telephone: +41 52 724 08 14

Zur Rose Group

Operating under the "Zur Rose" and "DocMorris" brands, the Swiss-based Zur Rose Group is Europe's leading online pharmacy and one of Switzerland's foremost wholesale suppliers to medical practitioners. Through its business model, it helps to ensure safe, reliable and high-quality pharmaceutical care, while also excelling in developing innovative medicines management services to increase the effectiveness of the medication process. This creation of added value, the strong focus on patients and the commitment to supply pharmaceuticals at low cost make the Group an important strategic partner for healthcare providers, payers and industry.

The Zur Rose Group is headquartered in Frauenfeld, from where it is also serves the Swiss market. In Germany and Austria, the Group operates through subsidiaries in Heerlen (Netherlands) and Halle an der Saale (Germany). Furthermore, it holds a majority interest in BlueCare in Winterthur, the leading provider of networking systems in the Swiss healthcare market. Employing more than 800 people at its various locations, the Zur Rose Group generated revenue of CHF 880 million in 2016.

Zur Rose Group AG's shares (Swiss security no. 4261528, ISIN CH0042615283) are traded on the Berner Kantonalbank's OTC-X, Zürcher Kantonalbank's eKMU-X and Lienhardt & Partners Private Bank Zurich Ltd's trading platforms. The CHF 50 million corporate bond issued in November 2012 for the purpose of financing the DocMorris acquisition is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (Swiss security no. 19972936, ISIN CH0199729366, ticker symbol ZRO12). zurrosegroup.com


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